Serious Problems with Pharmaceutical Products

The pharmaceutical industry is huge in the United States; millions of people use this industry on a daily basis. So it’s important that those in charge of this industry make sure that their products are safe and work properly. Sadly, sometimes negligence on the parts of pharmaceutical workers leads to inadequate testing or failure to adhere to high medical standards, and an unsafe or defective pharmaceutical product is released to consumers.

Common Issues

There are many ways that a pharmaceutical product can have a defect. The drug itself might have a problem with it, or the labeling or packaging might have one. In either case, an unsuspecting consumer might suffer serious injuries or illnesses if he or she consumes a defective pharmaceutical product. Some examples of common issues or defects with pharmaceutical products involve:

  • Mislabeled ingredients
  • Unsafe mixture of ingredients
  • Unknown side effects
  • Drug interaction possibilities
  • Dangerous implants
  • Packaging error
  • Manufacturing flaw
  • Pharmacist error

All of these problems can create serious injuries or illnesses for a consumer who takes a pharmaceutical product without knowing about the problems or defects. And naturally, most consumers do not assume that the products they are taking could be injurious to them. However, if a person does suffer from a pharmaceutical defect, he or she might be due compensation that can help with coping with the side effects of a defect.