Common Construction Injuries

Any construction area creates potential hazards, not just for workers but also for people who walk or drive near the area. Construction injuries affect innocent people daily. They can range in severity from minor to life-threatening, and are often the direct result of someone’s negligence. In many cases, construction accidents do not stem from any malcontent and are truly accidents. However, no matter what the actual cause of a workplace accident happens to be, if another person is implicated in your own construction-related injury, then that person might be held accountable for the injury. Knowing more about the different kinds of construction accidents that might affect you can better prepare you for any accident that you face in the future.

Of all of the construction accidents that can affect you or a loved one, there are some that recur frequently. The following three types of accidents are fairly common and can have serious consequences:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Amputation Accidents
  • Wrongful Death Accidents

Generally, severity increases in descending order, though slip and fall accidents can also be associated with life-threatening injuries as well. In a lot of cases of the above accidents, another person acted negligently or unsafely in some way, which put an innocent person in the line of fire, making an accident much more likely. Victims should know, though, that they might have legal actions possible if they are innocently injured in a construction accident that was caused by another person.